Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stuff it!

SCENARIO 1: When I lived in Hawaii, a common breakfast food was the musubi. Picked up at a local deli for a mere pittance, musubi could be many things, but often it consisted of a bed of rice with half of a cooked hotdog or slice of grilled Spam on top, attached by a seaweed wrap (think oversized sushi). It sounds gross, but it's not. The saltiness of the meat blends well with the bland rice. It's a workingman's breakfast, to be sure.

SCENARIO 2: My co-workers and I were discussing pizza the other day, and decided stuffed crust pizza was pretty gross. Who needs extra cheese when you're eating a pizza? Ahhh, but ain't that America!

SCENARIO 3: Watch this:


  1. that's just crazy. Why ARE asian commercials so very over the top and seemingly senseless. Seems like they are always yelling their message. I do have to say though, I'd probably try that pizza.

  2. They're yelling so you can understand them better...