Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's dumbass razor week, and now the guys get a chance to strut their stuff.

Only a NY agency (in this case BBDO, but you can thank JWT for the "Mow Your Lawn" spot) could come up with something as lame as this and think it relevant. Ugly camera work and yet you know it was expensive because of the "talent."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Then again, why be subtle at all?

Lots of puns, all...over the top, as it were...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sign of the times:

They say it pays to advertise. Not sure if it's helped her find a job, but it did give ol' Pasha her 15 minutes of fame. She currently has her own website, her own blog, and even her own Twitter page.

Perhaps now she's just too busy to work...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Look out, Toyota! There's a car on your ass and it's a Hyundai!

Japanese automakers, especially Toyota, have become bland and boring. Too many SUVs. Too little passion. Whatever happened to the Supra, the MR2 Spyder, or that "sports car for grown-ups," the Honda Prelude?

No matter, Hyundai is hungry. Their build quality is getting better. They're challenging niches they once never belonged in. They appear to be having fun. And isn't that what driving is all about?

The latest example from Korea: The Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Check out their uber-cool website and take it for a spin.

I hate to say it, Toyota. But objects in mirror are closer than they appear...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sexist, sophmoric, simpleminded, and (dare I say it?) pretty darn smart.

I like advertising that knows its target audience and isn't afraid to embrace it. Hardee's (aka Carl's Jr.) is a perfect example of blowing right past the politically correct to talk to the young, working men who have to eat lunch somewhere every day.

Does it piss off women? No doubt. But that really doesn't matter because the commercial isn't for them. Now the Padma spot is a bit extreme, and Hardee's is no doubt trying to rekindle the controversy they created with the Paris Hilton car washing commercial (stolen from the movie Cool Hand Luke). But in addition to slinky women and smirking guys, they show burgers dripping with chili and celebrating the messy massive meat products they sell.

Like the burgers, well done.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

State Farm Insurance makes a point--and has fun doing it.

Good TV commercials don't have to be expensive.

Here State Farm clearly makes their point about getting what you pay for. These "documentary" style spots (does anyone remember "Candid Camera??) require little more than a video camera (or three) and a lot of moxy. The hot dog one, especially, cracks me up. I'll bet they were a blast to produce.

As long as no one came out swinging...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Harley blinks.

Saw this double page ad from Harley Davidson in The New York Times.

It's all swagger and piss and vinegar, and it all feels just a little too desperate.

Now Harley is a great American brand. If only the US automakers had half the heritage of Harley, they wouldn't need a bail-out. Because while American drivers may prefer Japanese cars, for riders it's just the opposite. No Honda or Kawasaki or even BMW has the cachet of this iconic American brand. To quote an older, wiser Harley ad: "Those with no sense of history are doomed to repeat ours."

But with motorcycle sales going down the toilet, there's fear in Harley-land and it shows in this ad. A strong Harley brand wouldn't need to wrap itself in the American flag. That would be redundant.

The bravado feels forced, from the in-your-face headline to the almost whiny "Screw It. Let's Ride." tag line. The copy is unfocused, probably to accommodate filling up 13 stripes worth of text. And finally, by attempting to appeal to everyone (the white collar/pink collar reference), they appeal to no one.

Here's hoping the economy turns around quickly.