Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's life like for a dog at a shelter?

A touching example of how media can be used in unexpected ways to cut through the clutter (which is often when it's most powerful). Though one hopes the sappy music in this video isn't playing at the bus stop. It's a bit much.

Pedigree is a mediocre dog food at best. But the company probably understands how to appeal to dog owners (and potential dog owners) better than anyone out there. They've taken the dog adoption/shelter support issue and made it their own.

Good for them. And good karma.

Now, go out there and get you a shelter dog...

1 comment:

  1. What is Pedigree selling ? Dog food or the idea of adopting a shelter dog ? This video and perhaps the campaign is being run, it appears, in a foreign country. I think a portion of the funds from dog food purchases goes toward shelters (I had the sound off). Great marketing but perhaps they need to take some of their corporte funds, not the overhead they're raising from consumers, and do something else with it besides sinking it into marketing...like put it toward the shelter animals. And upgrade the quality of the dog food they're selling.