Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Starbucks hopes for "good coffee karma" vs. McDonald's.

The recession makes companies do strange things.
First Harley wings a desperate Hail Mary ad (see April's posting), and now Starbucks is feeling the heat of an aggressive McDonald's and their McCafe offerings.

So, here's a full page ad from The Wall Street Journal where Starbucks reminds folks just why their coffee is a little more expensive.

It's a thoughtful, well-written piece, but there are two problems: one, Starbucks' core audience already knows the company's commitment to "fair trade" practices, health insurance, and cozy atmospheres. It could be a good reminder, but I think they're preaching to the choir.

Secondly, will anyone in
Attention Deficit Disordered America take time to read all these words? I doubt it. Even with a good cup of joe in hand.

Finally, let me say that Starbucks gets a lot of grief in the media for selling a $4 cup of coffee to the public. But the truth is, if you just want coffee (not a cappuccino or such), you can get a big cup for under 2 bucks. And it's good, too.

Not a bad deal for saving the planet, promoting health care, and hearing good music...


  1. great post bob!

    i'll throw in my 2 cents (and out myself as a planner on mcd's @ DDB). i think the headline completely perpetuates negative perceptions consumers have of starbucks. if you don't read the body copy (which i didn't b/c i'm totally ADD) the headline comes across as bashing starbucks! another coffee brand could use the exact same headline to slam starbucks- ie- what you're buying into is the experience of a snobby coffee culture. is it just me?

  2. good thought. and quite possible.

    however, methinks you might be a wee bit too close to the subject at hand.

    now go finish your Egg McMuffin...