Monday, March 22, 2010

GE gets a little too personal.

The idea of electronic medical records that can be accessed by any physician is an idea that's long past due. It is the future of medicine and already being practiced by many hospital systems.

But in these "funny" commercials (the music is your cue) from GE, they disregard the feelings of the patient.

Seeing a doctor is a highly personal experience--not something most people want to share with residents in an academic medical setting, let alone a room full of doctors or a stadium crowd.

The "Stadium" spot is a little lighter, but still feels kinda creepy. Big Brother may not be watching, but apparently everyone else is.

(and why does the female doctor get stuck doing the cheerleading thing?? perhaps we're not quite as forward-thinking as we'd like to believe.)

And finally, the "Say Ahhh" spot quickly goes from cloying to annoying. You can see it (the song) coming a mile away, and it goes on for far, far too long.

Maybe the Cranky Ad Guy is being too cranky. These commercials are, without a doubt, some of the best "healthcare" ads out there. But amongst all those great production values and corporate chest-thumping, the human element is strangely lost.

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