Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another day, another PSA.

Here it is, another PSA. While creative types hope it means Possible Sudden Acclaim, it actually stands for Public Service Announcement. These are the types of commercials agencies love to do "pro bono" because it wins awards and makes everyone feel good about themselves. But are they effective?

This PSA looks much like others, you know, for drug abuse or smoking or compulsive gambling or hang nails or any of society's many ills. Low-budget yet interesting camera work helps, but the color has been desaturated because...well, you know, it's a PSA and it's supposed to look gloomy. If that doesn't get to you, the weepy, weepy music will. It takes more than 20 seconds to finally see the little cake decoration homeless man and the appeal (which is actually quite good) to help with "food, clothing and a future."

McKinney in Durham created these spots. Maybe they did it as part of their commitment to the community, but I suspect what they're really after is a little award-winning recognition for themselves.

Nothing wrong with that, of course. But they had an opportunity to break the mold and failed.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself: WW CPB D?

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