Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HEY EVERYBODY! Look at me! (Ego Marketing, Part 1)

You may glance in your rearview mirror these days and notice the spooky, predatory headlights of the BMW behind you. Unmistakably distinctive and no doubt conceived as a status symbol, they remind the world you shelled out top dollar for your Euro ride.

Not to be outdone, Audi recently added their glitzy, glam rock star, L.E.D eye-liner look to most of its cars, available even on the semi-modest A4. Viewed in bright daylight, the look is startling--as aggressive and eye-catching (and garish) as anything I've ever seen.

Now, I suppose that's the purpose of daytime running lights: to be noticed. But something tells me there's a little more marketing than safety going on here. What's next in this high-tech game of one-upsmanship??

Of course, you can always go low-tech like Mercedes Benz and just slap the biggest logo you can find on your grill. Also ego-centric, but not nearly as fun.

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