Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh great, just what the world needs. Another freakin' blog.

Happy New Year!

Sorry to get this "year of change" off to a bad start by adding yet another blog to the 14 trillion or so ones out there. The majority are poorly written, dim-witted and waaaay too long. Or, as L7 once sang, "Because the masses. Are asses."

I, however, am a professional writer (if you count advertising). So if the masses can opine, I figure I can, too. Only hopefully with a little more entertainment value.

I will be writing about advertising and marketing.

I promise to be opinionated. Or insightful. Possibly bitter. But always: brief.

Most ads I don't like. Here's one I do:

There are others in this series, but the idea is a brilliant way to market toothpaste to adults. Low production value gives it that much more impact--and makes it a better deal for the client.

And I smile as I say that...

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